Data Security: Protect your privacy and the environment while upgrading your phone || 550 KTRS St. Louis || 10/26/20

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Listen to Expert on E-Waste Joel Patterson LIVE on News Radio 550 KTRS broadcasting in St. Louis.

Millions of us will be upgrading to a new phone, pad or laptop in the coming weeks, but what happens to the data on your old gadgets and what happens if it gets into the wrong hands?

What Data Can a Thief Get from an old Phone or Laptop?

Is your gear being safely recycled or added to the estimated 40-millon tons of e-waste created every single year?

Did you know that e-waste accounts for only 2% of debris in landfills but contributes two-thirds of heavy metal toxins, making it one of the main contributors to toxic leaching?

Joel Patterson with The Vested Group in Texas is a nationally-known e-waste thought-leader. He just released a documentary on this mountainous problem.

Silicon Mountain is an inspiring documentary about the importance of every step of electronics recycling.

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