How is artificial intelligence changing the workplace? | WOOD | 3/20/23

WOOD recently asked Joel Patterson to come on the air in Grand Rapids, MI to discuss the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) AI software tool as a replacement for a traditional supervisor. Joel explained that GPT-3 is a text generator that can help employees make their day simpler. If someone needs to write a termination letter or turn down a job application, GPT-3 can write it for them. If an employee needs ideas for topics to discuss, GPT-3 can suggest some. However, Joel cautioned against using GPT-3 as a gospel for anything and everything. He advised people to see it as a tool, a data point, and a source of information, just like Spell-check or Grammarly. Although GPT-3 lacks context and understanding of what is truly going on around it, it is an excellent tool when used efficiently.

Besides, Joel warned companies against going too far with GPT-3, as it might generate more drama instead of easing the workflow. Employees could use GPT-3 as a suggestion or a tool to communicate with millennials or even express their communication style as if they were Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction. In conclusion, GPT-3 is an incredible tool but should not replace the human supervisor. Do you think GPT-3 is ready to replace human supervisors?

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